20 of 21 Local Stores Pass Compliance Checks for Selling to Underage Buyers



05/15/2018 – Periodically, the Owasso Police Department conducts compliance checks on local businesses, making sure they are not selling alcohol, tobacco or vaping supplies to minors.

Monday evening, Owasso Police conducted twenty-one compliance checks on local businesses that sell vaping supplies.  Of those, only one, “Cali Culture” sold to an underage buyer.

The clerk at Cali Culture was issued a citation for “Providing Vaping Materials to a Minor”. 


The Owasso Police Department released this statement:


“Over the last few months, we have received multiple complaints of juveniles gaining access to vaping supplies, including reports of teens buying the items from area stores.  In an effort to address this issue, the Owasso Police Department organized compliance checks at businesses throughout Owasso that sell vaping supplies.  As we have done on many occasions with alcohol sale compliance checks, an underage buyer was sent into the businesses under the supervision of plainclothes officers to attempt to purchase vaping materials.

Of the 21 businesses targeted for checks on the evening of May 14th, 20 declined to sell to the underage buyer.  One citation was issued to the clerk at Cali Culture for allegedly selling vaping materials to the underage buyer.  Although we obviously want to see 100% compliance every time we check, area businesses should be commended for their success rate (95%).  It is a clear sign that the overwhelming majority of employees are abiding by the ordinances outlawing the sale of vaping supplies to minors in Owasso.   

The Owasso Police Department is committed to keeping the youth of our community safe and our focus will continue to be on combatting any potential risks that might dis-proportionally affect this age group, including underage drinking, drug use, distracted driving, and underage smoking or vaping.”
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