2018 Owasso Homecoming Week Information

10/05/2018 – Homecoming week is next week October 8th – 13th.  Below is information regarding all activities for the week.  The theme for the 2018 Homecoming is “Beat the Scaredy-Cats”.  The Rams opponent for homecoming week are the Southmoore Sabercats.  The game will be at 7:30pm Friday evening.   
Homecoming Dance
The 2018 Owasso Homecoming dance will be held Saturday October 13th in the Ram Cafe on the East Campus. Like last year the dance will be Sadie Hawkins (Girls ask Boys). It will be from 7-10pm. The theme of the dance is Halloween (semi formal). Please feel free to dress for the theme of the dance, but the school dress code must be followed. If you want to bring a guest from another school district you will need to pick up a permission slip in any of the attendance or main offices. A guest form must be filled out before purchasing a ticket for your guest.  All students must show a school ID or license the night of the dance. Only 9th-12th grade students can attend.    
Ticket Sales
There will be a limited number of tickets sold.  The tickets are $10 each.  You must show your school ID when purchasing tickets.  A student ID number will be taken for every ticket purchased so we can identify tickets for those in and out of the district.  Ticket sales will be sold by the schedule below.  
October 1st – 3rd in the Ram Cafe: Seniors and Juniors only 
October 4th – 5th in the Ram Cafe and West Cafeteria: All grades
October 8th – 12th in the Ram Cafe: All grades 
Homecoming T shirts 
Shirts will be sold in the Ram Cafe on the east campus and in the South Commons on the west campus during both lunches.  The cost is $15.  There is a limited number that will be sold.  
Homecoming Week Dress Up Days HS
Monday: Pajama
Tuesday: Disney
Wednesday: Meme/Vine
Thursday: Christmas
Friday: HOCO Shirt and Ram Gear
Dress code must be followed when dressing up.  
The Parade
Time and Date: Thursday the 11th @ 4:30pm
Location: on 129th between 86th and 96th streets

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