Owasso 21st Annual Neighborhood Block Party – September 9th

21st Annual Block Party – Saturday, September 9, 2017

Deadline to Register: August 30, 2017 


Owasso Block Party

Owasso Block Party


Block Party Registration Form
Why Have a Block Party?

There is no better way to get together and meet your neighbors than to have a block party. Neighborhoods are stronger and safer places to live when there is a sense of caring and community in the area. This can develop at a neighborhood block party.

Block parties vary from a simple gathering of a few folks in a front yard sharing memories and beverages to elaborate, highly organized events involving dozens of streets in a neighborhood. Whichever type suits your area, we encourage you to make this a day to renew neighborhood awareness, exchange greetings, and to celebrate the importance of neighborhood relationships.


** For more information on Block Parties or to register your Neighborhood Block Party, visit the city website at: http://www.cityofowasso.com/173/Block-Party

If you have any questions or for assistance in your efforts to coordinate a neighborhood block party, please contact Jerry Fowler, Owasso Neighborhood Coordinator at 918.376.1556 – [email protected] .

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