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I’m considering an endometrial ablation to treat my severe endometriosis.  I’ve heard the procedure can be painful and doesn’t always provide a permanent fix. Do you have a recommendation?

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I’m sorry to say that an endometrial ablation is not a treatment option for severe endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disease that occurs when the glands that typically line the uterus, called endometrial glands, grow outside of the uterus, often on the ovaries and fallopian tubes. This is treated medically, with oral contraceptives or lupron, or surgically with a laparoscopy or hysterectomy.

An endometrial ablation is a procedure that is used to treat patients with heavy menstrual bleeding. It is similar to a dilation & curettage (D&C).  We go inside the uterine cavity and literally burn the inner lining of the uterus to help decrease a patient’s menstrual blood loss. An ablation almost never helps with pain, which is the primary complaint with endometriosis.




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