Author: Jacob K

Owasso Police reports for Jan 26, 2015

UNABLE TO LOCATE 01/26/2015 0250Location:9700 Blk E 86 ST NNature Of Complaint: COS VEHICLEOFFICER INITIATED UNABLE TO LOCATE 01/26/2015 1144Location:5000 Blk E CEDAR RIDGE RDNature Of Complaint: MUTUAL AID POLICE, ALLASSIST...

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Owasso Police reports for Jan 25, 2015

ARREST 01/25/2015 0242Location:7500 Blk N OWASSO EXPYNature Of Complaint: TRAFFIC RECKLESS/DRUNK/ROADRAGINTOXICATED DRIVER IN A SILVER PICK UP UNABLE TO LOCATE 01/25/2015 0302Location:100 Blk E 2 AVENature Of Complaint: DRUNK...

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Owasso Police reports for Jan 24, 2015

UNABLE TO LOCATE 01/24/2015 0012Location:7600 Blk US 169Nature Of Complaint: TRAFFIC SPEEDING/OTHER MOVING4 CARS SPEEDING ON HIGHWAY HANDLED 01/24/2015 0017Location:12700 Blk E 77 CIR NNature Of Complaint: WEAPON SHOTS...

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Owasso Police reports for Jan 23, 2015

HANDLED 01/23/2015 0019Location:11600 Blk N 135 E AVENature Of Complaint: COS VEHICLETWO VEHICLES HONKING AT PEOPLE ORDERING AT DRIVE THRU OF BUSINESS UNABLE TO LOCATE 01/23/2015 0715Location:9900 Blk N 118 E AVENature Of...

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Owasso Police reports for Jan 22, 2015

HANDLED 01/22/2015 0145Location:8900 Blk N 123 E AVENature Of Complaint: WELFARE CHECK ALL,CHECK WELL BEING ON MALE WHO WAS SICK AND DRIVING TO HOSPITAL HANDLED 01/22/2015 1146Location:100 Blk N MAIN STNature Of Complaint:...

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