Author: Jacob K

Owasso Police reports for July 26, 2015

  HANDLED 07/26/2015 0005Location:8900 Blk N 131 E AVENature Of Complaint: DOMESTIC IN PROGRESS-VERBALCOUPLE ARGUING AT RESIDENCE HANDLED 07/26/2015 0219Location:12100 Blk E 96 ST NNature Of Complaint: COS VEHICLEMAROON...

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Owasso Police reports for July 25, 2015

REPORT INFO TAKEN 07/25/2015 0022Location:400 Blk N CEDAR STNature Of Complaint: VANDAL REPORT ALLWINDSHIELD BROKEN SOMETIME DURING THE NIGHT BY UNKNOWN SUSPECT HANDLED 07/25/2015 0130Location:400 Blk N CEDARNature Of Complaint:...

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Owasso Police reports for July 24, 2015

REPORT INFO TAKEN 07/24/2015 0128Location:7500 Blk N OWASSO EXPYNature Of Complaint: FRAUD ALLREPORT OF COUNTERFEIT MONEY HANDLED 07/24/2015 0148Location:8700 Blk N 140 E TERNature Of Complaint: COS PERSONCHECK ON PERSON COMING...

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Owasso Police reports for July 23, 2015

  ARREST 07/23/2015 0042Location:9800 Blk US 169Nature Of Complaint: TRAFFIC RECKLESS/DRUNK/ROADRAGWHITE CHEVROLET DRIVING THE WRONG WAY ON THE HIGHWAY HANDLED 07/23/2015 0746Location:8900 Blk N 149 E AVENature Of...

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Owasso Police reports for July 22, 2015

HANDLED 07/22/2015 0033Location:10300 Blk E 116 ST NNature Of Complaint: COS VEHICLEOFFICER INITIATED HANDLED 07/22/2015 0424Location:11100 Blk N 143 E AVENature Of Complaint: COS PERSONMALE RUNNING IN PAJAMAS HANDLED 07/22/2015...

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