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Owasso Police reports for Mar 13, 2015

HANDLED 03/13/2015 0019Location:7600 Blk US 169Nature Of Complaint: TRAFFIC RECKLESS/DRUNK/ROADRAGBLUE NISSAN TITAN DRIVING RECKLESSLY HANDLED 03/13/2015 0023Location:9200 Blk E 94 ST NNature Of Complaint: TRESPASS IN PROGRESS...

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Owasso Police reports for Mar 12, 2015

REPORT INFO TAKEN 03/12/2015 0634Location:8700 Blk N 97 E AVENature Of Complaint: THEFT FROM VEHVEHICLE PARTS STOLEN FROM VEHICLE AT RESIDENCE HANDLED 03/12/2015 0957Location:100 Blk N MAIN STNature Of Complaint: FRAUD...

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Owasso Police reports for Mar 11, 2015

HANDLED 03/11/2015 0639Location:11700 Blk N 115 E AVENature Of Complaint: DISTURBANCE LOUD NOISELOUD MUSIC IN A NEIGBORHOOD UNABLE TO LOCATE 03/11/2015 1558Location:9000 Blk N 121 E AVENature Of Complaint: TRAFFIC...

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Owasso Police reports for Mar 10, 2015

  HANDLED 03/10/2015 0006Location:11500 Blk E 76 ST NNature Of Complaint: TRAFFIC RECKLESS/DRUNK/ROADRAGWHITE INFINITI DRIVING RECKLESSLY UNABLE TO LOCATE 03/10/2015 0635Location:200 Blk E 5 AVENature Of Complaint: COS...

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Owasso Police reports for Mar 09, 2015

  HANDLED 03/09/2015 0031Location:12400 Blk E 100 ST NNature Of Complaint: COS PERSONWHITE MALE WALKING AROUND HOSPITAL HANDLED 03/09/2015 0109Location:9800 Blk US 169Nature Of Complaint: OFFICER OTHER OFFICER...

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