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Owasso Police reports for Nov 06, 2014

UNABLE TO LOCATE 11/06/2014 0757Location:8800 Blk N 129 E AVENature Of Complaint: JUVENILE CHILD ABUSE/NEGLECTCHILD WITHOUT CAR SEAT IN A WHITE FORD TAURUS HANDLED 11/06/2014 0856Location:1500 Blk N ASH STNature Of Complaint:...

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Owasso Police reports for Nov 05, 2014

HANDLED 11/05/2014 0007Location:100 Blk N MAIN STNature Of Complaint: HARASS THREATSMALE SENDING HARASSING TEXT MESSAGES AND PHONE CALLS TO FEMALE HANDLED 11/05/2014 0024Location:9200 Blk N 103 E AVENature Of Complaint: TRAFFIC...

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Owasso Police reports for Nov 04, 2014

HANDLED 11/04/2014 0028Location:1400 Blk N BIRCH STNature Of Complaint: TRAFFIC PARKING COMPLAINTBLUE CAR PARKED IN HANDICAP PARKING HANDLED 11/04/2014 0604Location:1800 Blk N ELM STNature Of Complaint: DOMESTIC IN...

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Owasso Police reports for Nov 02, 2014

UNABLE TO LOCATE 11/02/2014 0116Location:11800 Blk E 86 ST NNature Of Complaint: COS VEHICLEATTEMPT TO LOCATE BLUE SUV INVOLVED IN AN ASSAULT IN ROGERS COUNTY HANDLED 11/02/2014 0124Location:8600 Blk US 169Nature Of Complaint:...

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Owasso Police reports for Nov 01, 2014

UNABLE TO LOCATE 11/01/2014 0044Location:7600 Blk N 169Nature Of Complaint: COS VEHICLEPOSSIBLE INTOXICATED SUBJECT IN DARK COLORED CAR REPORT INFO TAKEN 11/01/2014 0136Location:7500 Blk N OWASSO EXPYNature Of Complaint: ROBBERY...

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