Author: Jacob K

Owasso Police reports for Nov 20, 2014

HANDLED 11/20/2014 0215Location:7900 Blk N 120 E AVENature Of Complaint: DISTURBANCE LOUD NOISELOUD EXHAUST IN AREA HANDLED 11/20/2014 0317Location:11600 Blk E 80 ST NNature Of Complaint: ANIMAL CONTROL BARKING DOGDOGS BARKING...

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Owasso Police reports for Nov 19, 2014

ARREST 11/19/2014 0106Location:6600 Blk US 169Nature Of Complaint: TRAFFIC RECKLESS/DRUNK/ROADRAGCAR ALL OVER ROAD. REPORT INFO TAKEN 11/19/2014 0242Location:12900 Blk E 86 ST NNature Of Complaint: SHOPLIFTING IN PROGRESSPEOPLE...

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Owasso Police reports for Nov 18, 2014

REPORT INFO TAKEN 11/18/2014 0037 Location: 12400 Blk E 90 ST N AVE Nature Of Complaint: DOMESTICINPROGRESS-VERBAL COUPLE ARGUING AT A RESIDENCE. HANDLED 11/18/2014 0918 Location: 100 Blk W 17 ST Nature Of Complaint: DOMESTIC...

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Owasso Police reports for Nov 17, 2014

HANDLED 11/17/2014 0257Location:8900 Blk N 139 E AVENature Of Complaint: COS VEHICLEOFFICER INITIATED UNABLE TO LOCATE 11/17/2014 0739Location:800 Blk N DOGWOOD STNature Of Complaint: MUTUAL AID POLICE, ALLASSIST WAKEFIELD, NH...

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Owasso Police reports for Nov 16, 2014

INFORMATION 11/16/2014 0137Location:8800 Blk N 131 E AVENature Of Complaint: TRESPASS REPORT ALLFEMALE IN FRONT YARD OF RESIDENCE HANDLED 11/16/2014 0154Location:9000 Blk N 121 E AVENature Of Complaint: DOMESTIC IN...

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