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Finding Health through the Endocannabinoid System


There are a lot of medical marijuana dispensaries around Owasso. But one thing sets The ECS Shop apart, say owners Chip and Cynthia Paul.

“We aren’t just here to get you high; we’re here to get you healthy.”

The Pauls started The ECS Shop, the storefront of their broader business, GnuPharma, in 2015. Their mission is to help people thrive rather than survive by correcting underlying health imbalances within a newly discovered system called the Endocannabinoid System—which they believe to be a master regulatory system in the body.

Through their research of the Endocannabinoid System, they have discovered that it supports a vast range of health concerns, such as movement and mobility, inflammation, dysregulations, immunity and autism.

While you can walk into THE ECS Shop and buy natural products off the shelf, the path to solving these major health issues usually involves a more methodical approach.

“If you want to come in and buy your flower or vape and get out the door, you can do that,” Cynthia says. “But,” Paul adds, “we want you to come in, so we can talk to you and understand your struggles with that problem. Then we formulate something to help you, usually a CBD product or THC product.”

Through one-on-one consultations, compounding techniques and scientific applications of natural healing methods, the Pauls are able to help identify imbalances in the Endocannabinoid System and nutritionally target the imbalances with natural products.

“Most disease states or problems with the human condition turn out to be dysregulations in this Endocannabinoid System—our natural regulatory system,” Chip says. “Really, there’s nothing that’s out of bounds for us. We help people with muscular dystrophy, which is a hard genetic disorder that supposedly you can never get better from; we help people all over the board.” 

Children and the elderly are a big portion of The ECS Shop’s clientele—with autism being a major focus. The Pauls even founded a nonprofit called Answers for Autism. Their company GnuPharma is also going to clinical trials in partnership with the University of Mississippi for an autism treatment.

“Autism is a metabolic problem and has to do with how you process fatty acids; it’s a triglyceride problem,” Chip explains. “We can treat it with a straight natural product—a tablet, with fats and herbs, no THC or CBD. That’s what we’re taking to clinical trials. We also have a tincture. We can attack it on the CBD side, the natural product side, or the THC side—each individual case is different. Then we can craft how we deliver it according to what that child really needs.”

He adds that the greatest benefit of working with natural products is there’s virtually no possibility for harm unless there’s an unknown allergy.

“A child can be on a strong autism drug, and we can begin to move them off of that while seeing improvement, and eventually we can get them off of that while we transition to natural products.

“And once you’ve seen the results or magic, you can’t go back and not see the magic,” Chip says. “So we will continue to do what we’re doing because it’s in everyone’s best interest.”

While being medical marijuana advocates on the state level and working on clinical trials at a national level, the Pauls didn’t want to leave out their own community.

“We want to do things for people here, with what we have. We are longtime residents of Owasso. I raised my kids here and opened my companies here,” Chip says.

“We love Owasso and its people. It’s our community. When I go to Reasor’s, they know I want paper bags instead of plastic without even asking me,” Cynthia adds.

You can visit The ECS Shop at 7726 N. Owasso Expy, Suite B. For more information, visit on Facebook @theECSshop or email [email protected].

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