Child Reported Kidnapped From Washington State Found in Owasso

Stephanie and Scott Mitchell

Stephanie and Scott Mitchell were arrested Monday evening on Kidnapping and Stolen Vehicle charges.


06/13/2018 – A man and woman were arrested Monday evening in Owasso, after police say they kidnapped their son from Washington State.

Owasso police say the 5 year old boys parents, Stephanie and Scott Mitchell, did not have custody of the child.

Ft Smith, Arkansas police had been contacted by child protective services about the possible location of a missing and endangered child taken by his parents. Owasso officers were contacted after Fort Smith police pinged one of the parent’s cell phones and discovered it was near St. John Hospital in Owasso.

Police began searching the area and located the suspect vehicle which had been described by Fort Smith police. The vehicle had been reported stolen. The child’s mother, Stephanie Mitchel was found inside the vehicle.

When confronted, Mitchel denied having any knowledge of where her husband or child were.  Officers say her story began to change as they questioned her. She then said her husband and son were at the Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa.  Owasso police relayed that information to  Tulsa Police  and Tulsa officers, along with an Owasso officer assisting, searched for Scott Mitchell.

In the mean time, Owasso Police began watching other Owasso Hotel locations. This resulted in the child being found after the father was spotted attempting to rent another room for him and the child.

Stephanie and Scott Mitchell were arrested for kidnapping and possession of a stolen vehicle.

The child was taken to the Owasso Police Department.
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