Collinsville Woman Arrested After Leaving Baby in Car at Owasso Business

10/04/2019 – Today, at approximately 3:40pm,  Owasso Police responded a reported baby left alone inside a vehicle at the Aldi’s Store located at 9259 North Owasso Expressway.

The reporting party, a citizen that was parked nearby, advised they waited 10 to 15 minutes before calling police to determine the parent wasn’t coming back. 

Upon the arrival of the first officer, which took several additional minutes, he advised he observed the baby appeared to be approximately 2yo, was slumped over in a car seat and all of the doors and windows on the Toyota Van were closed and locked.  The Officer, in fear for the safety of the child, broke out the passenger side window (using his expandable baton) of the van and immediately retrieved the child from the seat. 

The officer described the child as wet with sweat, hot and at first unresponsive, but the child quickly “woke up”.  Owasso Fire Department Medics were called to the scene and took care of the child.  Fire Department Infrared Temperature Equipment observed the temperature inside the vehicle as over 100 degrees, after the window had been broke out. 

The mother returned to the vehicle shortly thereafter and was confronted by police.   The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) was contacted about the incident.  With DHS consultation the child’s father was called to the scene, and after receiving medical care, the 2yo male child in question, along with two other children that were at the time inside the store with the mother, were released to the father and left the scene. 

The mother, 36yo Brunilda Maltsberger of Collinsville, was taken into custody for Child Neglect.


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