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Oklahoma Highway Patrol reports a fatality collision occurred April 5th at approximately 06:57 AM on I-244 Southbound at 2nd Street in the city limits of Tulsa.

  • Pedestrian-1: Daniel Hindman, 39 of Sand Springs. Pronounced on scene by members of EMSA due to massive injuries.
  • Vehicle-1:  2010 Ford F-150 driven by Bridgette Castleberry, 24, of Collinsville, OK. Not injured.
  • Vehicle-2: 2004 Toyota Camry, driven by Shelby Saltsman , 20 of Cleveland, OK. Not injured.


What happened: Under Investigation


  • Condition of driver Vehicle-1:      Apparently Normal
  • Cause of Collision:                      Under Investigation                         
  • Seatbelts: Equipped and in use Vehicle-1 and Vehicle-2
  • Airbags: Equipped and not deployed
  • Weather:             Cloudy
  • Roadway:             Dry


This report is based upon the trooper’s investigation of this collision.  It may contain the opinion of the trooper.”