Should I be Concerned about a Painful Bump around my Vaginal Area or Will that just Go Away? | Ask the Expert: Dr. Corle, OB/Gyn with Utica Park Clinic


ask the expertQuestion:

I have a painful bump around my vaginal area.  Should I be concerned or will that just go away?



It is not uncommon to have a bump in your vaginal area now and again and there are a few possible explanations.  Many times, a duct will close and cause a sore/bump to form.  If you shave or wax this area, you can get ingrown hairs that cause a bump.  Other times, you can get a cyst such as a bartholin gland cyst.  Warm compresses or sitz baths can provide relief.  If these areas become infected, they will need to be drained and antibiotics should be started. In general, the bump should go down in a few days with warm compresses.  If it doesn’t or it becomes larger and more painful, see your doctor.  Together you can come up with a plan to address your concern.



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