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We came across Hayley Randall on TikTok, sharing about her hopes and dreams for this local Owasso Community Garden. We asked her to share some of that information with us, to maybe keep the ball rolling.  Can you get on board? Here is what we found out!


Hayley Randall

01/29/2024 – In the heart of Owasso, amidst the challenges of a pandemic, a simple idea took root in the mind of Hayley Randall, a passionate gardener. What if empty spaces could be transformed into thriving hubs of sustenance and community? This notion sparked the inception of the Bailey Elementary Community Garden, a beacon of hope and collaboration in the neighborhood.

Inspiration in Adversity

“When I started to garden during the pandemic, so many people were struggling, and all I could see was so much empty, unused space,” reflects the initiator of the community garden project. “Space that people were paying to mow, water, and treat with pesticides and fertilizer, that added nothing to the community. I just thought if we could even turn a small percentage of that into a space that produced food, we could feed our whole community.”

A Vision Takes Shape

With no prior experience in managing a community garden, the journey began with a vision to nourish both bodies and spirits. The primary goal? To eliminate hunger in Owasso by utilizing unused spaces to grow food for those in need.

Located at Bailey Elementary School, the garden started modestly with six raised beds. However, the space holds immense potential for expansion, promising a future where fresh produce abounds.

Rooted in Community

At the heart of the garden lies community involvement. Through social media platforms like Facebook, volunteers gathered to nurture the garden’s growth. The focus remains steadfast: maintaining the garden and producing food for the local pantry.

“We plan on keeping it simple,” shares Hayley. “Focusing on producing as much food as we can.” From tomatoes to strawberries, the garden promises a bounty of fresh, pesticide-free produce.

Sustainability and Outreach

The garden’s ethos revolves around sustainability and biodiversity. By eschewing pesticides and embracing diverse planting practices, the aim is to foster a healthier ecosystem.

Funding for the project came from unexpected quarters—a Girl Scout troop’s silver award project. Looking forward, plans include infrastructure upgrades to enhance yield and efficiency.

Building Bridges with OCR

Partnerships with local organizations like OCR (Owasso Community Resources) have been pivotal. From providing resources for donations to receiving the garden’s produce, OCR stands as a pillar of support.

Challenges and Growth

Despite the garden’s promise, challenges loom on the horizon. The primary hurdle? Finding enough hands to share the workload. Balancing commitments and nurturing the garden demands a collective effort from the community.

A Garden of Possibilities

As the garden flourishes, dreams of educational workshops and composting initiatives take shape. The potential for collaboration with schools and youth organizations holds promise for the garden’s future.

Join the Journey

The community garden invites all to be part of its story. From volunteering on maintenance days to participating in social gatherings, there’s a role for everyone in this blossoming endeavor.

The Bailey Elementary Community Garden stands as a testament to the power of community, nurturing not just plants, but the bonds that unite us. Together, we sow the seeds of hope and abundance, one harvest at a time.

Amazon list:


General list:

  • 2 cattle panels
  • 8 t posts
  • 4 – 4x4x10 posts
  • 2 – 2x4x8 beams
  • 8- 6’ stakes
  • 3 bags quick crete
  • Lots of Potting soil
  • Compost
  • Ziplocks

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