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How long should a normal, healthy, 30-year-old woman’s period last per cycle?


The menstrual cycle is a series of changes that a woman’s body goes through every month in preparation for pregnancy. If pregnancy does not occur then a lining sheds and a woman has a menstrual cycle. On average, a cycle occurs every 21 to 35 days and lasts from two to seven days. These are averages, so some women may have longer or shorter cycles.

To determine your own average, you should track your menstrual cycles. This can be done on a calendar or on a smart phone app. The first day you bleed is considered the first day of your cycle. After tracking for a few months, you will be able to tell what your norm is. After you have determined your usual cycle, you will then be able to understand when you are having irregularities in your cycle. As always, contact your physician when there are any changes in your cycle or if you have any questions.


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