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Earn college credits by taking Cherokee Humanities
Cherokees who are non-traditional students can earn up to six credit hours
TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – The Cherokee Humanities Course, sponsored by the Cherokee Heritage Center, is taking applications for the fall academic semester at Northeastern State University.
The three credit hour course is based on the belief that by studying the humanities, individuals can develop significant skills that empower them to work effectively toward improving their own lives and those of their families and communities. 
The course also removes obstacles that impeded access to higher education by providing tuition, books, child care and transportation at no cost to qualified students. The deadline to receive applications is Monday, Aug. 4.
For more than 13 years, the Cherokee Heritage Center has provided hundreds of non-traditional students the opportunity of a higher level education by creating a curriculum in Cherokee history, language and culture.
A grant from the Inasmuch Foundation has made it possible for the Cherokee Heritage Center to support the tuition cost for students to take the course for college credit. Students may take the course in the fall and spring semesters for a total of six college credit hours in humanities or Indian studies.
The course intends to create a bridge to higher education by developing the skills, confidence and motivation necessary to succeed.
Priority is given to students not currently enrolled in a university or those considering returning to college. Those qualifying can also receive incentives such as mileage and child care reimbursements.
The class is designed to bring to light ideas and experiences that have remained quieted in general history books. The course creates a collaborative learning environment in which personal experiences and oral traditions are respected. These classes are interdisciplinary, college-level humanities courses offering credit hours through Northeastern State University.
The Cherokee Humanities Course was established by the late Dr. Howard Meredith, former professor and head of the American Indian Studies degree program at the University of Science and Arts. The course replicates the original Clemente course offered in New York City by academic scholar Dr. Earl Shorris in 1995.
For more information about the Cherokee Humanities Course, contact Tonia Weavel at 918-456-6007 or [email protected].  
The Cherokee Heritage Center is the premier cultural center for Cherokee tribal history, culture and the arts. For information on the 2014 season events, operating hours and programs, please contact the Cherokee Heritage Center at (888) 999-6007 or visit www.CherokeeHeritage.org. It can also be found on Facebook by searching “Cherokee Heritage Center.”