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by Anna Holton Dean


‘The grass is greener with us’

Stephen Groden has been mowing lawns since he was 12 years old. Walking the neighborhood with his lawnmower, he soon discovered his love for solving other people’s problems—such as an overgrown yard. The job also taught him the importance of quality work, dependability and customer satisfaction. And those qualities, developed as a kid, continue to shape Groden Lawnscapes today.

Groden Lawnscapes is a full-service lawn care and landscaping company that has been serving Tulsa and surrounding areas for 21 years. Groden, also a Tulsa fireman, says, “We are a family-owned company with reliable employees who offer competitively priced, hassle-free, full-service lawn and landscaping care.”

Services include weekly lawn maintenance; weed control and fertilization; landscaping; tree trimming and removal; fencing; drainage solutions, such as French drains; and seasonal services, such as leaf removal, Christmas lights, and snow and ice removal.

Groden says he is excited to extend his professional lawn services to residents of the Owasso area. “The people of Owasso are great to work with,” he says. “It’s a friendly community where people take pride in their property.”

For lawn care made easy, call (918) 899-9444 or visit grodenlawn.com. You can also like them on Facebook @Grodenlawnscapes.