Malicious Injury to Property Charges Filed in City Wide May Vandalism in Owasso

07/08/2019 – The Owasso Police Department responded to multiple vandalism reports that occurred in several neighborhoods throughout the night of 05/25/2019 and early morning hours of 05/26/2019.  A few of the incidents were caught on home surveillance cameras, which showed images of two men and two women carrying out the destructive acts.  The reported offenses occurred in areas that fell within Tulsa and Rogers Counties.    


Case Number        Location                                 Damages                                               

2019E0052           13300 E 95th Pl N                 Vehicle Spray Painted

2019E0053           9800 N 138 E Ave                Damaged Yard Ornaments

2019-1438            14000 E 90th PL N                Damaged Mailbox/Garage Door Spray Painted               

2019-1439            8900 N 139 E Ave                Vehicle Spray Painted

2019-1442            Preston Lakes                       Neighborhood Entrance Sign Painted                                    

2019-1443            9200 N 143 E Ave                House Egged, Debris Scattered

2019-1445            14100 E 91st St N                  Broken Yard Ornaments                  

2019-1446            11000 E 117 St N                 Two vehicles Spray Painted                                        

2019-1449            11100 E 117th St N               Garage Door Spray Painted                                         

2019-1455            15000 E 87th St N                 Yard Statue Spray Painted                               


After images of the unidentified suspects were shared in the media, multiple tips from the public were received and investigated by detectives.  The case was submitted to the District Attorney’s Offices in both Rogers and Tulsa Counties in early June 2019.  On June 27, felony warrants were issued for two of the alleged suspects in Rogers County District Court.  A charging decision has not been reached in Tulsa County and the potential is high for additional charges against other suspects besides Pittman and Jones.             


Tyler Michael Pittman, Age 22, Claremore, CF-2019-418 (Rogers County), Malicious Injury to Property Over $1000


Mykaela Lynn Jones, Age 23, Owasso, CF-2019-420 (Rogers County), Malicious Injury to Property Over $1000

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