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01/08/2021 –  Many Owasso citizens do not realize that anyone who lives within the city limits of Owasso can vote in City Council elections, no matter what ward you live in.   That said, don’t you think you should?

So many citizens of Owasso are not even aware that there is an election coming up. We sadly had a 2% voter turn out for a previous city council election, which is way too low, and rankly sad for Owasso. This post serves as your reminder.

All we ask is that you educate yourself on the candidates, and vote accordingly.

Candidates running for both Owasso City Council and the Owasso Board of Education seats on February 9th are listed below.

Every registered voter in the Owasso School District, including those in Tulsa County and Rogers County, can vote in the school board election. You do not have to live in Ward 1, and you do not have to have a child attending Owasso Public Schools.


Owasso City Council

Councilor Kelly Lewis currently occupies the Ward 1 council seat and is running unopposed.

Dr. Chris Kelley occupies the Ward 2 seat and will not be running again.  Hoping for his seat are Kyle Davis and Alvin Fruga.


Owasso Board of Education

Owasso School board member Pat Vanatta is not running for re-election.  Vying for her seat are:
Connected to each candidates names are links to their information sites.  We would never tell you how to vote, but encourage everyone to educate themselves and become part of what happens in Owasso.
You have a choice. Make it.