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By: Anna Holton-Dean


If you’ve driven around Owasso very long, no doubt you have been sitting at a stop light and looked over to see a yard sign for a monthly meat sale.

But this isn’t just any meat sale. National Steak and Poultry is all about quality, convenience and selection that customers have come to know and trust, Becky Flesher, sales support and marketing manager, says.

NSP ribeye

“All of our products are produced right here in Owasso, Okla., and our quality is second to none,” she says. “We take food safety to heart here at NSP, so all of our products are produced under USDA inspection. We have innovative flavors and custom products our neighbors won’t find at any grocery store.

“One of the exciting things most people don’t realize is many of our products are individually vacuum-packed, so they don’t have to thaw out an ‘industrial pack’ of products. It is as simple as grabbing only what you need from the freezer.”

With packed schedules, time is precious, especially for the cook of the family. National Steak and Poultry also offers a wide variety of fully-cooked items to choose from as well, which means a delicious homemade dinner can be minutes away without the added expense and nutritional concerns of most fast food options, Flesher says.

For those with special dietary restrictions and lifestyles, NSP offers some gluten-free products, which are clearly marked.

Some of their most popular items include fully-cooked savory chicken strips (four 2.5-pound bags) and 10 oz. savory ribeye steaks (six individually-packed steaks)—all priced below local retail.

Ready to sample the difference for yourself? National Steak and Poultry’s monthly sale is the 2nd Saturday of each month from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., but pick up orders are always available with 24-hour advance notice, Monday through Friday. No minimum order required.

NSP chicken

Founded in California in 1980, National Steak and Poultry moved to Owasso in 1996 where it has grown along with the community.

“For a company that does business all over the country, being in the center of the heartland was a great benefit for many reasons,” Flesher says. “As a matter of fact, several of the multi-generational families that moved from California still work here today.

“This is due in no small part to the wonderful environment the City of Owasso provides for its businesses and residents. Time and time again, the Owasso community has shown their kindness and Oklahoma spirit, which makes this a wonderful place to do business.”

National Steak and Poultry is located at 301 E. 5th Avenue in Owasso. 

NSP pizza

For more information, check out the monthly flyer for the next sale (March 8) by visiting nationalsteak.com/docksale (no spam included when you sign up); email [email protected] or call (918) 928-0242. You can also like them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/NSPPublicSale) and follow on Twitter @NSPPublicSale.