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Oklahoma Blood Institute blood supply has fallen below 50 percent, threatening a critical blood shortage for local patients, and creating an immediate need for blood donors.

  • Oklahoma Blood Institute is experiencing a dangerous emergency blood shortage and is issuing an immediate call for donors of all blood types.

  • The lifesaving stock of blood is currently at a 1-2 day supply, well below a secure 4-5 day threshold.
  • Inventory levels continue to struggle after numerous winter storms depleted the blood supply.
  • Blood has no substitute, and the critically low level of the blood supply is dangerous for our community.
  • OBI is calling on all healthy citizens to take only about an hour of their time to give blood for our friends and neighbors in need. First-time donors are especially needed, so please encourage those who haven’t ever donated before to join you in donating.

It takes nearly 1,200 donors A DAY to meet the blood needs of patients in our regional hospitals. Give back to your community in a way that only you can, by giving blood.

The lifesaving stock of blood is dangerously low with only a 1-2 day supply. Make your blood donation appointment today at obi.org or by calling 877-340-8777 to ensure no Oklahoman is without the blood they need.