Oklahoma State University Hosting Craft Beer Forum April 7




CBFO_Logo_14403/08/2018 – Oklahoma State University will host the inaugural Craft Beer Forum of Oklahoma on April 7, with registration starting at 10 a.m. at the new College of Human Sciences, 365 College of Human Sciences on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.

This forum isn’t just another beer fest. It will have different educational components, which will interest beer fans, industry professionals, home brewers, students interested in the beverage industry (who are 21 or older), foodies and those interested in learning more about what they drink.

The forum is a student scholarship fundraiser put together by around 100 OSU students who have been involved in the Wine Forum of Oklahoma but wanted to do one for beer. The wine and beer forums will rotate yearly.

Some of the seminars they are offering include:

Beginner: The beginner seminars are meant to bring you information on the basics of beer. It will also include education on the art of mixing craft cocktails.

Intermediate: It will include craft beer history and international beer styles and will feature a panel of industry experts.

A concurrent seminar will showcase information on cooking with beer and pairing with different beer styles.

Advanced: It will be focused on an ingredient that is one of the more flavorful in beer recipes — hops. Another advanced seminar will go into how beer was discovered and the science behind spontaneous fermentation.

Special lunches options are also on the schedule.

Stein-n-Snack Lunch, Sessions & Tasting at $75: This includes a barbecue box lunch, choice of enrollment in each forum session and entrance to the Pint-n-Bite Tasting.

Tankard at Taylor’s Lunch, Sessions & Tasting at $90: A meal prepared especially for you by Master Chef Jonathan Moosmiller, executive chef at Tulsa’s Southern Hills Country Club, and OSU staff of students. This lunch also includes the choice of enrollment in each forum session and entrance to the Pint-n-Bite Tasting.

For more information visit https://craftbeerforumofoklahoma.com/



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