Owasso Alert Neighbors Meetings Scheduled

Alert Neighborhood Program


The Best Crime Prevention Is A Trusted Neighbor

03/03/2020 – Designed for residential neighborhoods, the Alert Neighborhood Program provides Owasso residents the opportunity to partner with the Owasso Police Department and Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative to create neighborhood-based crime prevention organizations that focus on safety in your home and neighborhood.

Alert Neighborhood Open Community Meetings in 2020

Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative (OSNI) in partnership with Owasso Police and Owasso Emergency Operations are offering three (3) opportunities for Owasso residents to attend a meeting to learn about crime prevention and what to do in the case of an emergency.

Meetings are open to residents that live in the Owasso City Limits

Start time 6:30 PM at City Hall – 200 S Main

  • Thursday, March 26     

  • Thursday, May 28    

  • Thursday, November 5

Limited Seating Available; RSVP Required

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The safest neighborhoods are those that encourage the development and implementation of good safety habits.

If something out of the ordinary is observed, you should contact the Owasso Police Department and your Alert Neighborhood Captain.

How to Start Your Alert Neighborhood 

  • Visit with as many residents as possible, the more the better!
  • Select a person to be the captain for the Alert Neighborhood.
  • The captain will contact the Owasso Neighborhood Coordinator to register as a Neighborhood.
  • After registration, the Neighborhood Coordinator and captain will schedule a neighborhood meeting that will include a crime prevention presentation by an Owasso Police Officer.
  • After the neighborhood meeting, Alert Neighborhood signs can be purchased and installed.
  • Schedule annual follow-up neighborhood meetings.

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