Owasso Fire Deprtment Tips on Surviving the Heat of Summer



Tips on surviving the heat of Summer

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07/05/2019 – With Summer heat upon us, the Owasso Fire Department would like to remind residents on ways to stay safe on high heat days:

– Drink lots of water. Especially if you have plans outdoors be sure to keep water available at all times.

-Keep cool. Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and plan periodically to stop at buildings/areas with A/C or fans to help you cool off.

-Try to plan outdoor events in the morning or evenings during times of lower temperatures.

-Be sure to look out for others. Check on elderly family members or neighbors that you know live alone and ensure that their homes are staying cool. Pay careful attention to small children, they can overheat quickly.

– Lastly, remember to never leave children or pets in vehicles unattended. Temperatures inside vehicles can increase rapidly and cause serious harm or death in a very short amount of time.

Have a safe and cool summer!!!


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