Owasso: Girl Wakes to Stranger Standing Over Bed

On Friday, June 7th, 2019 at approximately 3:30 AM, Owasso Police received a 911 Call from a woman living in the Green’s Apartment Complex.  The woman advised that she was awakened by the sound of her 12yo daughter screaming.  When she went to check on the child, her daughter said she was awakened by someone in her bedroom.  The child reportedly observed a person standing over her bed at which time she screamed for help and the unidentified person fled out the window. 

Officers arrived within minutes of the 911 call and made contact with the parent and child, both of which were not physically harmed.  Officers found evidence both inside and outside the child’s bedroom indicating that someone had in fact been inside the apartment, likely entering through an unlocked window.  

Patrol Officers did an extensive canvass of the surrounding area, including a K-9 track, but were unable to locate a suspect.  Investigators were called to the scene and collected evidence.  Officers will be carefully patrolling the apartment complex as well as collecting whatever surveillance camera footage that might be available. 

Owasso Police remind everyone to conduct nightly security checks of your homes or businesses to include locking all exterior windows and doors, the “9 o’clock routine” popularized by local police departments in helping residents remember to conduct these nightly checks.  Patrols will be increased in order to conduct checks of people that may be encountered in the area as well. Owasso Police encourage residents to call 918-272-2244 to report any suspicious noise, person or anything else they may hear or see in order for patrol officers to conduct a check, or call 911 in any emergency.     


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