Owasso Man Arrested After Lewd Proposal to a Minor


Joseph Kleber shown here on Walmart Surveillance video

02/07/2018 – Yesterday, Owasso Police Department released information that they were  seeking a person of interest in connection to a developing investigation.

In the release, Owasso Police Deputy Chief Jason Woodruff stated “Due to the sensitive nature of the allegations in this case and the fact that it is an ongoing/active investigation in it’s very early stages, we’re unable to release additional information at this time.”
After area media posted with his photo, Joseph Michael Kleber, 59 of Owasso,  came to the police department to find out why,  and according to the report, was arrested at 4:48pm Tuesday evening. Kleber’s charges include: LEWD ACT REQUIRING A CHILD TO LOOK UPON BODY PARTS OF ANOTHER and LEWD PROPOSAL TO MINOR.
Today, Owasso Police release this statement:   Media Release – Identification/Arrest of Suspect


At 6:24PM on Friday February 2nd, officers were dispatched to Wal-Mart for a report of lewd acts involving a child.  A customer reported that she was inside the store shopping for toys with her grandchildren when her eight year old granddaughter went to the next isle alone.  The child began screaming from the next isle and ran back to her grandmother, claiming that an older man had approached her and shown her a pornographic image on his phone.  The man reportedly fled the area when the child started screaming and officers were unable to locate him in the area.

The Owasso Police Department released an image of the suspect from the security footage and he was quickly identified as 59 year old Joseph Michael Kleber of Owasso.  Kleber was interviewed by detectives on the evening of February 6th.  Following the interview, Kleber was placed under arrest for Lewd Acts to a Child and Showing Obscene Material to a Minor. 

There is some indication that this may not have been an isolated incident and there may be additional victims, possibly even outside Owasso.  If anyone believes that their child may have been victimized, they are encouraged to contact the Owasso Police Department or the law enforcement agency in their jurisdiction.             


On February 2, the mother of the child approached in this case posted this to social media:


Keep a close watch on your children at Walmart, here in town. My 8 year old daughter got out of my MIL’s sight for a short minute (quite literally, right around the corner of an isle) and some middle aged man approached her and showed her a picture of a man’s penis on his phone.

She screamed and ran past him to my MIL and never looked back so she has no clue where he went. They couldn’t find him. Management did take it very seriously, will review the video footage, and contact me tomorrow. Cops were called as well.


Klebber has been booked into the Tulsa County Jail with the following charges:
Description Case # Court Date Bond Type Bond Amt Disposition
LEWD PROPOSAL TO MINOR   02/14/2018 Surety Bond $25,000.00

Booking Photo: Joseph Michael Kleber, Age 59, Owasso
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