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09/07/2023 – Oklahoma Highway Patrol reports an September 7, 2023, at approximately 10:15 AM, an injury collision occurred at the intersection of 136th Street North and Sheridan Rd, situated roughly 4 miles west of Collinsville, Oklahoma, within Tulsa County.

Vehicle-1: A 2014 Ford Focus, operated by Tyler Choate  a 25,  from Owasso, OK. Mr. Choate was transported to St. John Hospital in Tulsa, OK, by the Collinsville Fire Department. He was admitted in stable condition, presenting injuries to his head, trunk (both internal and external).

Passengers: None

Vehicle-2: A 2015 Ford F-350, driven by Jose Puga-Saldivar a 50-year-old from Owasso, OK. Mr. Puga-Saldivar did not sustain any injuries.

The details regarding what exactly transpired in this incident are currently under investigation. Likewise, the cause of the collision is also under investigation.

  • Condition of Driver Vehicle-1: Apparently Normal
  • Condition of Driver Vehicle-2: Apparently Normal
  • Weather Conditions: Clear
  • Roadway Conditions: Dry
  • Airbags: Both vehicles were equipped with airbags, which deployed.
  • Seatbelts: Both drivers were equipped with seatbelts, which were in use at the time of the collision.
  • Pinned: Not Applicable (N/A)
  • Ejected: Not Applicable (N/A)

Please note that this report is based on the findings of the trooper’s investigation and may contain the trooper’s opinions.