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Police Badge04/18/2018 – On Monday April 16th, an incident was reported to the Owasso Police Department concerning a man in a blue car allegedly taking pictures of a juvenile female in front of her residence in the Lake Valley neighborhood.  This incident was widely reported on various social media sites, which elicited a large amount of concern from area residents.  Although it is not necessarily a crime to take pictures in an open public area like a residential street/neighborhood, all allegations that could present a threat to the safety of a child are taken very seriously by the Owasso Police Department. 


The incident was investigated and officers were able to identify the man reportedly taking the pictures.  The man was completely cooperative with investigators when they spoke to him.  Investigators were able to confirm that the man indeed works for a financial institution and he provided documentation verifying that he had been assigned to photograph the residence in question in the course of that employment. 


After completing the investigation, no evidence was uncovered to show that this person had committed a crime or that his actions were a threat to area children in any way.