Owasso Police Call Logs for May 14, 2019

Unable 05/14/2019 0248
Location:1400 blk N Birch St
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Vehicle
Maroon car left residence after knocking on door

HANDLED 05/14/2019 0426
Location:9000 Blk N 121 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Drunk Public Drinking/Intox
Intoxicated male inside business

Report 05/14/2019 0959
Location:8300 Blk N 144 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Vandal Report All
vandalism at a business

HANDLED 05/14/2019 1115
Location:12900 blk E 86 st N
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Person
Check male walking next to street

HANDLED 05/14/2019 1152
Location:8100 Blk N 116 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Recover stolen prop/Veh All
Recovery of a stolen vehicle

HANDLED 05/14/2019 1205
Location:13700 Blk E 86 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Person
Male walking around in front of business

HANDLED 05/14/2019 1621
Location:11100 Blk E 96 PL N
Nature Of Complaint:Welfare Check All
Check on elderly female at a residence

HANDLED 05/14/2019 1712
Location:9000 Blk N 121 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Person
Male causing a disturbance In a Business

HANDLED 05/14/2019 1751
Location:6600 Blk Us 169
Nature Of Complaint:Traffic Reckless/Drunk/Roadrage
Report of semi truck driving recklessly

HANDLED 05/14/2019 1935
Location:8300 Blk N Owasso Expy
Nature Of Complaint:Found Property All
Found Knife at park

HANDLED 05/14/2019 1952
Location:11100 Blk E 120 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Juvenile Child Abuse/Neglect
Juvenile wandering alone in neighborhood

HANDLED 05/14/2019 2035
Location:2100 Blk N Birch St
Nature Of Complaint:Domestic In Progress Verbal
Couple arguing at residence

Report 05/14/2019 2138
Location:12400 blk E 96 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Shoplifting In Progress
Female shoplifting In Progress
female shoplifting from business

HANDLED 05/14/2019 2303
Location:8500 blk N 129 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Person
Male passed out by business

Cancel 05/14/2019 2344
Location:10700 blk N 151 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Theft Report All Other
Computer stolen from residence


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