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Unable 01/23/2018 0638
Location:10600 Blk N 121 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Person
Male wearing black in neighborhood entrance

HANDLED 01/23/2018 1257
Location:8800 blk N 131 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Disturbance Verbal Not Domestic
subjects arguing at a residence

Report 01/23/2018 1501
Location:10700 blk E 120 Ct N
Nature Of Complaint:Fraud All
Identity Theft

Unable 01/23/2018 1549
Location:9100 Blk 121 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Traffic REckless/Drunk/Roadrage
white Chevy driving recklessly

HANDLED 01/23/2018 1825
Location:11100 blk N 118 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Drugs Found
White powder found in neighborhood

Other 01/23/2018 1839
Location:6600 blk Us 169
Nature Of Complaint:Traffic Reckless/Drunk/Roadrage
road rage occurring in other jurisdiction

HANDLED 01/23/2018 1934
Location:9000 Blk N 121 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Vehicle
Blue Toyota

HANDLED 01/23/2018 2108
Location:11900 blk E 96 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Traffic Reckless/Drunk/Roadrage
red dually trucking driving recklessly