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HANDLED 07/16/2018 0048
Location:11600 blk E 83 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Disturbance Loud Noise
Loud music coming from residence

Cancel 07/16/2018 0104
Location:7700 blk N 120 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint: Disturbance Verbal Not Domestic
Roommates arguing at residence

HANDLED 07/16/2018 0336
Location:1000 Blk N 108 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Theft Progress Structure
Someone breaking into garage at residence

Unable 07/16/2018 0901
Location:8700 blk N 97 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:REcover/Stolen Prop/Veh All
attemp to locate stolen brown kia at apartment complex

Report 07/16/2018 0956
Location:12000 Blk E 96 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Shoplifting Report
Report of multiple shoplifting at a business

HANDLED 07/16/2018 1048
Location:11700 Blk E 113 PL N
Nature Of Complaint:Welfare Cehck All
Check on possible abuse victim at a residence

Unable 07/16/2018 1224
Location:9600 blk N Garnett RD
Nature Of Complaint:Welfare Check All
White ford flex occupied by female yelling at child

HANDLED 07/16/2018 1351
Location:100 blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Theft Report From Veh
Plate taken from vehicle at residence

HANDLED 07/16/2018 1449
Location:9600 Blk E 116 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Disturbance Verbal Not Domestic
Male refusing to leave business

Report 07/16/20181513
Location:100 blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Fraud All
Individual reported personal identity theft

Report 07/16/2018 1812
Location:100 blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Weapon armed subject
male brandished gun in roadrage incident

HANDLED 07/16/2018 2010
Location:8600 blk N 117 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Drunk Public Drinking/Intox
male intoxicated on foot

Report 07/16/2018 2340
Location:12100 blk E 96 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Shoplifting In Custody
Female shoplifter in custody