Owasso Police Call Logs for June 12, 2018


HANDLED 06/12/2018 0506
Location:1000 Blk N Cedar St
Nature Of Complaint:Theft Progress Structure
Heard noise inside house

HANDLED 06/12/2018 1228
Location:100 Blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Harass Phone Txt Other
Harassment over the internet

Report 06/12/2018 1316
Location:100 Blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Theft Report From Structure
Items stolen from a residence

Report 06/12/2018 1727
Location:100 Blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Fraud All
Check Fraud

HANDLED 06/12/2018 1744
Location:400 Blk N Birch St
Nature Of Complaint:Theft Report Attempt Only
Attempted break in through window at a residence

Unable 06/12/2018 1751
Location:14500 Blk E 116 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Weapon Armed Subject
Female in red car brandished gun during roadrage

HANDLED 06/12/2018 1908
Location:11700 blk E 118 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Domestic IN Progress Physical
Couple fighting at residence

Other 06/12/2018 2124
Location:4600 Blk Us 169
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Vehicle
Something thrown at vehicle from moving car

Unable 06/12/2018 2151
Location:9000 Blk N 121 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Abduction attempt
Suspicious male attempted to open vehicle door
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