Owasso Police Call Logs for June 13, 2018


HANDLED 06/13/2018 0235
Location:11500 blk E 102 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Harass Phone Txt Other
Unwanted texts to juvenile

Unable 06/13/2018 0906
Location:8900 Blk N 121 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Vehicle
Male driving red truck around neighborhood

HANDLED 06/13/2018 1206
Location:11100 blk N 143 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Domestic In Progress Verbal
Family Members arguing at residence

Transport 06/13/2018 1409
Location:11600 blk E 80 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Person
Female acting strange

Other 06/13/2018 1433
Location:13600 Blk E 103 ST N
Nature Of Complaint:Domestic Report Physical
Family members fighting at residence

Report 06/13/2018 1528
Location:100 blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Harass Threats
Harassment via email

Unable 06/13/2018 1537
Location:7700 blk N Owasso Expy
Nature Of Complaint: Disturbance Loud Noise
Loud music in parking lot

Report 06/13/2018 1617
Location:100 blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Theft Report From Veh
Item taken from vehicle at residence

HANDLED 06/13/2018 1634
Location:11600 blk E 86 St N
Nature Of Complaint: Welfare Check All
Check on male by business

Unable 06/13/2018 1757
Location:8200 blk N 117 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Welfare Check All
Check on female at residence

Cancel 06/13/2018 1817
Location:100 blk N Main St
Nature Of Complaint:Traffic Reckless/Drunk/Roadrage
Red van and white ford roadraage incident

Arrest 06/13/2018 2242
Location:11700 blk E 118 St N
Nature Of Complaint: Weapon Armed Subject
Male inside residence with firearm
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