Owasso Police Call Logs for Mar12 , 2018


HANDLED 03/12/2018 0054
Location:11600 Blk E 80 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Domestic In Progress Physical
Couple fighting In residence

HANDLED 03/12/2018 0137
Location:14900 Blk E 90 Pl N
Nature Of Complaint:Disturbance Loud Noise
Loud Noise coming from residence

Other 03/12/2018 0417
Location:17600 Blk E 77 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Alarm slef Monitor intrusion
Alarm Check

HANDLED 03/12/2018 0714
Location:8700 Blk N 97 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Welare Check All
Check male on roof of apartment

Report 03/12/2018 0814
Location:7500 Blk N 129 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Trespass Report All
Male trespassing at residence

HANDLED 03/12/2018 0842
Location:8700 Blk N 97 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Person
Male acting suspicious

Unable 03/12/2018 1159
Location:8700 BLk N 97 E AVe
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Person
Male acting suspicious at an partment complex

Report 03/12/2018 1239
Location:7400 Blk N Owasso Expy
Nature Of Complaint:Theft Report All Other
Items taken from business

Arrest 03/12/2018 1309
Location:300 Blk E 5 Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Drunk Public Drinking/Intox
Intoxicated male at business

HANDLED 03/12/2018 1355
Location:8700 Blk N 97 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint:Harass Stalking
Male subject following female at residence

Unable 03/12/2018 1731
Location:6600 Blk Us 169
Nature Of Complaint:Traffic Reckless/Drunk/Roadrage
red chevy driving recklessly

HANDLED 03/12/2018 1742
Location:17700 Blk E 116 St N
Nature Of Complaint:Traffic Reckless/Drunk/Roadrage
White jeep driving recklessly

Unable 03/12/2018 1754
Location:10600 Blk N Mingo Rd
Nature Of Complaint:Traffic Reckless/Drunk/Roadrage
Red ford driving recklessly

HANDLED 03/12/2018 1754
Location:8700 Blk N 97 E AVe
Nature Of Complaint:Traffic Reckless/Drunk/Roadrage
Blue truck Driving recklessly

Info 03/12/2018 2020
Location:10900 Blk N 149 E AVe
Nature Of Complaint:Harass Threats
Threats via text


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