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10/20/2023 – Owasso, OK – A recent shooting incident in Owasso resulted in a series of hit-and-run crashes, prompting an investigation by Owasso Police.

The incident occurred at approximately 2:45 p.m. on Thursday at 7800 North 129th East Avenue. Several calls reporting gunshots were made to the authorities by concerned neighbors residing in the Double Oakes and Three Lakes Housing additions.

Preliminary findings indicate that at least one individual discharged a firearm at a vehicle within the neighborhood.

Shortly thereafter, a series of hit-and-run accidents was reported to the police. One of these incidents occurred at the intersection of 78th and 129th, while another took place at 76th and 127th. In the latter incident, a suspect abandoned a wrecked vehicle and fled the scene. However, officers swiftly apprehended the individual, who is now undergoing questioning. It is currently uncertain whether this suspect is directly connected to the initial shooting incident.

Law enforcement is actively searching for two suspects but has assured the public that there is no imminent threat to safety.

According to Nick Boatman of the Owasso Police, “If anything, it appears that the person who was firing the shots and the target of the shooting may have had some prior association or ongoing dispute. There is no evidence to suggest this was a random act.”

OPD is looking for a vehicle believed to be related to the shooting. The vehicle is described as a late-model silver BMW SUV. Anyone with information or who can identify the vehicle is urged to contact the OPD tip line at 918-272-COPS.

At present, there are no reported injuries resulting from these incidents.