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HANDLED 12/21/2013 0042
Location:7100 Block of Us 169
Nature Of Complaint:Cos Person
Unklown male walking and waving down traffic on Highway

HANDLED 12/21/2013 0115
Location:8900 Block of N 139 E Ave
Nature Of Complaint: Disturbance Loud noise
Loud bass vibrations in area

Report 12/21/2013 1053
Location:100 Block of N Main St
Nature Of Complaint: Domestic Report Violate Po
Protective order violated with phone calls

HANDLED 12/21/2013 1201
Location:7000 Block of Us 169
Nature Of Complaint: Welfare Check All
Request for check on vehicle off the side of the highway

HANDLED 12/21/2013 1248
Location:11600 Block of E 83 St N
Nature Of Complaint: Vandal Report All
Tree fell on vehicle in driveway

Unable 12/21/2013 1843
Location:14100 Block of E 106 St N
Nature Of Complaint: Cos Person
Report of Juvenile males dragging a wagon through a neighborhood

HANDLED 12/21/2013 2053
Location:9400 Block of N Owasso Expy
Nature Of Complaint: Cos Vehicle
Officer Initiated

Arrest 12/21/2013 2135
Location:7600 Block of Us 169
Nature Of Complaint: Traffic Reckless/Drunk/Roadrage
White truck unable to maintain lane of travel