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food drive

From Owasso Preparatory Academy:

“The summer months are super busy for Owasso Community Resources. Please help us restock their shelves and prevent hunger among the vulnerable in our community. Please consider encouraging your children to shop with you and select items they can share with families in need.

Food items needed:
Canned spaghetti jars (no glass jars), canned pasta (Spaghetti O’s or ravioli), canned meats (chicken, spam, Vienna sausages), tuna, peanut butter, Hamburger Helper, pork and beans, canned beef stew, canned soups

Hygiene items needed:
Deodorant (men’s or women’s), shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, body wash, baby wipes

There will be a drop-off box at the morning drop-off and it will be placed just inside the school entrance during school hours where you can place your items throughout the month. The last day to drop off goods is Thursday, September 28. We will then give the food items to an OCR representative at our next chapel on Thursday, Oct. 5 at 11am.

Thank you so much for your participation.”

Owasso Preparatory Academy is located at 12200 E 86th St North.