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from Owasso Public Schools

You can complete this process online through the Student Address Verification Portal on the OPS website. From the portal, please select the appropriate school for your child, fill in all necessary information and attach the required documentation. 

This process must be completed for all students, whether attending OPS virtually or in the physical classroom. Registration is required in order to receive your child’s teacher assignment (elementary) or class schedule (secondary). Each school will share that information after the student’s registration is verified by the school’s office.

For returning students, the enrollment process from the spring (InfoSnap email from the Enrollment Center) lets us know that you intend to return to OPS. That helps us plan many aspects of school, one of the most important of which is staffing. This registration/address verification process lets us know that you absolutely will return to OPS as we understand that family plans can change.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your child’s school.