Son Shoots/Kills Mother’s Ex-Boyfriend in Owasso Overnight

03/24/2020 – 10:16:16 AM  This is an update to the information we brought you as events were happening on our Facebook page Monday evening.

Micah Turner

Age 20

20-year-old Micah Turner told investigators Monday night, that he shot his mother’s ex-boyfriend because he was threatening his mom. He stated that the ex-boyfriend had been living in the garage and despite their efforts would not leave. A neighbor tells us the mother had posted about trying to get him to leave on their HOA page.

According to the arrest report, Micah told investigators the ex-boyfriend has stolen all of their guns except the one Turner used to shoot him with. He stated that the ex-boyfriend has been very violent lately.

Police reports show Turner told investigators he was afraid the ex-boyfriend was going to get more violent. The affidavit says Turner shot the ex-boyfriend so he “couldn’t hurt my mother or my brother.”

Turner was trying to give the man CPR to the ex-boyfriend when the police arrived. He later told officers he had not planned on firing the gun but hoped it would scare the ex-boyfriend so he would back off.

The victim was taken to a Tulsa hospital where he was pronounced dead. Turner was arrested on first-degree murder, and transported to the Rogers County Jail.

The Owasso Police Investigation is ongoing.


Police release:

Monday, 03-23-2020 at 10:12 PM.
14700 Block East of 114 St N
Owasso Police responded to a shooting that was a result of a domestic incident. Upon arrival, Police found a 46yo male that had suffered a gunshot wound and he was quickly transported by Owasso Medics to a metro hospital. Several other people were inside the home at the time of the shooting and are currently being questioned by police. The alleged shooter (not being identified at this time) in this incident is also being questioned at this time. The home in which the incident occurred is cordoned off and Owasso Police Investigators are conducting further investigation.

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