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Owasso Police Press Release:

05/05/2022 – Owasso Police received a call of a motor vehicle theft in progress from the west side parking lot of the East Campus of the Owasso High School, located at 12901 E 86th Street North, Owasso. 

Officers arrived within moments and pursued the stolen car’s (a silver Ford Mustang) last known direction of travel, south on 129th East Avenue from 86th Street North.  The suspect vehicle entered the Copper Meadows Housing Addition located near 8200 North 129th East Avenue, immediately adjacent to the Owasso 6th Grade Center. 

This addition has only two ways in/out so officers set up roadblocks at both entrances/exits.  Additional officers began a street-by-street search of Copper Meadows and the Owasso 6th Grade Center was placed on “Lockout” protocol. 

Officers located the abandoned stolen vehicle near 13100 East 81st Street North parked in a cul-de-sac.  School Resource Officers investigating the theft found out the suspect in the theft was a student at the High School. 

Minutes after the stolen vehicle was located, School Officials notified School Resource Officers that the suspect was back on school grounds and was attempting to sneak back into the High School.  School Resource Officers arrived within moments and took the suspect into custody.  It was later discovered that the suspect student had been rummaging through lockers at the High School Gym where he came across the key fob to the vehicle.  The suspect walked the parking lots attempting to locate the vehicle and once found, entered the suspect vehicle. 

The owner of the stolen vehicle just happened to be at the school at that moment visiting his own (student) child when he observed the suspect inside the mustang and the adult attempted to stop the suspect.  The suspect struck the adult owner of the car, with the car, attempted to run him over, and drug the victim several feet before the adult victim was thrown clear.  It was also discovered that another student attempted to assist the original suspect back into the school and assisted the original suspect with changing clothes to avoid detection.  The stolen vehicle was returned to the owner.

Owasso Police took the 17yo juvenile suspect that stole the car into custody for Auto Theft and Assault with a Dangerous Weapon. 

Also taken into custody was the 14yo student suspect who assisted the original suspect.  

The Lockout at the Owasso 6th Grade Center lasted approximately 15 minutes until the suspect was apprehended.