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Summer might be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your sun-kissed glow. The Riviera Tanning Spa in Owasso has it taken care of with many ways to help keep you tan all year long.

Riviera has six different levels of tanning beds, including the Sun Angel system, which uses special sensor technology to read and analyze your skin type to achieve your most beautiful tan ever. If bulbs aren’t your thing, there’s the Versa Spa Sunless Tanning System which provides a beautiful bronze, steak-free tan in minutes. riviera bedWith 15 locations across the state, The Riviera Tanning Spa has earned a reputation of cleanliness and quality that customers can trust. And Area Manager Ashley Snow says, “the owners are happy to serve the Owasso area, “ themselves being from smaller, tight-knit communities.

“With intense athletic seasons and everyone in the community consistently doing something to help the city grow, [they] wanted to give the citizens of Owasso somewhere they could take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the peaceful experience in the best possible tanning systems, while also offering the best prices so that everyone can enjoy the Riviera!”

Their top of the line tanning systems and options make that Riviera experience possible.

“We are able to offer communities, such as Owasso, the very best tanning environment with the absolute best equipment and do it all for an extremely reasonable price,” Ross says. “Owasso is a loyalty-driven business environment, and we are always excited to serve new customers and build new relationships!”riviera store

Right now, customers who come in and mention Owassoisms will receive a $48.88/month all-inclusive membership, which includes unlimited tanning at all levels, $5 spray tans and 25 percent off most merchandise and products for the length of their membership. Plus, they will receive a one-time $50 in-store credit.

For those who prefer sunless, Riviera is offering a $48.88/month spray tan membership.

The Riviera Tanning Spa is located at 9500 N. 129th E. Ave., Suite 126 (behind Walgreens at 96th and 129th) in Owasso.

For more information, visit, email [email protected] or call (866) 918-8268. You can also check them out on Twitter @rivtanningspa and on Facebook (


Fall is closing in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape to The Riviera Tanning Spa!

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