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Pick Your Own Produce
Sarah Roe

Sarah Roe

Have you ever thought about planting your own garden but just don’t have the time? I have tried many times to have my own garden but I never find the time to maintain it. That’s where pickyourown.org comes in! Local farms all over Oklahoma will let you (and your kids) come in and pick produce from their farms. This is a great experience for kids, helping them understand that food does not come from a grocery store. 

For the most part, the produce costs much less than a grocery store and you get to know the very people who harvest it. I took my kids to a farm awhile ago that allowed us to pick blueberries for ourselves and earn free blueberries if we picked some extra for the farmer. It was a fabulous experience that my kids truly enjoyed. Plus, we picked so many that I was able to save them and eat them throughout the entire year. 
Produce is at it’s lowest price this time of year, keep that in mind whether you visit a Farmer’s Market or the actual farm. Now is the time to gather the produce and get it ready to be used for the year. Eat healthy and save money! 
Make Your Own Produce Wash
I absolutely love this time of year! The Farmer’s Markets are opening and local fruits and veggies become readily available. I personally buy a lot of produce this time of year, clean it and freeze it to keep it coming all year long. Cleaning is key. The good news is that you can clean your fruits and veggies without expensive washes in fancy spray bottles. 
First, pick up a spray bottle from a local dollar store. Wash it throughly and make sure it is clean before you begin. Then, simply pour in 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water and shake well. Coat your fruits and veggies with the spray and let them sit just a few seconds before rinsing off. Letting the fruit sit for a second allows the vinegar to dry so your fruit will not smell like an Easter egg. Once you rinse off the wash, you’re good to go! 
Just like that, a chemical free produce wash that makes everything taste better! Now, get out there and enjoy that local produce! 
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