Updated Information on Today’s Owasso Home Invasion



02-09-2018: Lt. Nick Boatman with the Owasso Police Department has updated us with the follow information:

At approximately 9:00am, Owasso Police were dispatched to a reported Home Invasion (1st Degree Burglary) at an apartment residence in the Greens Apartments near 13300 E 84 St N. 

The victim called 911 and provided brief descriptions of the suspects, advising they had kicked in her front door and made their way to her bedroom at which time the victim called 911, and the suspects fled. 

Officers descended upon the area and began looking for the suspects.  One of the suspects was quickly located running through a nearby wooded area and was, after a brief struggle, taken into custody. 

Officers requested assistance from the Tulsa County and Rogers County Sheriffs Office’s in order to hold a hard perimeter around the wooded area and all schools within a mile area were put on lock down, including private schools at local churches, as a precaution. 

A K9 was called to run a track and a large search team of officers was sent into the wooded area to conduct a line search.  A thorough search yielded no results, therefore the lock downs at the schools were lifted and a the perimeter was broke down. 

In addition to the one suspect taken into custody, two additional suspects were detained and questioned, but ultimately released due to lack of evidence at the time.  Those individuals will be presented to the DA’s Office as suspects in order to obtain warrants for their arrest, should the DA’s office agree. 

The last suspect is still outstanding at this time.  It appears the suspect(s) also forced their way into at least one other nearby apartment residence, however nothing was taken at any of the affected locations.  Luckily no one was hurt in this incident.

Arrested was 18yo Daniel Montes of Catoosa.
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