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by Anna Dean

06/21/2022 – Vibe Esthetics is Owasso’s newest destination for total skin care, lash and brow needs. Whether you are looking for a relaxing facial or solutions to skin problems, dermaplaning or a chemical peel, waxing, lash or brow services, the Vibe team can help.

Vibe officially opened its doors this year, but owner and licensed esthetician Amanda Pennington had dreamed of becoming an esthetician since a life-changing facial 20 years ago.

“When I was a young mother of three babies, I had a day out, and my stylist treated me to a facial,” Pennington says. “Up to that time in my life, I thought facials were what you did at Mary Kay parties or sleepovers with girlfriends.  I had no idea that I could experience such relaxation and rejuvenation alongside accomplishing the goal of making my skin look amazing. I probably spent an hour asking my stylist questions about what she did and how I could make that a career. I wanted to make others feel the same way she had just made me feel.

“My life has taken many twists and turns, but my desire to obtain my esthetics license has never fizzled out. I have researched schools and brainstormed ways to pay for the school and manage my kids, but, until recently, it wasn’t possible for me. However, God aligned the opportunities and finances as well as timing with my children to allow me to successfully attend school.”   

In esthetician school, Pennington also discovered a love for lashing.

“I was not initially interested in lashing but quickly fell in love,” she says. “Lashing is more than gluing extensions to natural lashes. It’s determining what is healthy and appropriate for the client’s natural lash health while also giving them the length, curl and design that they desire.

“Sometimes lashing is a hard conversation to let the client know that their natural lashes aren’t healthy enough at the moment to handle extensions. It is art and science combined to deliver a client experience that hopefully keeps them happy and healthy for many years.”    

The full list of Vibe Esthetics services includes the following:

Relaxing facials
Problem-solving facials
Micro current
Galvanic current
Hydro jelly mask
Enzyme peels
Chemical peels
Facial & body waxing
Lash extensions
Lash lift & tint
Brow lamination
Brow tinting & brow henna

Botox and facial fillers
Spray tanning (coming soon)


You can trust Pennington and her team will deliver the utmost personal service and care while also ensuring a relaxing visit.

“When a client can fully relax and unwind in my treatment room, let their mind stop racing and let the weight of the world drop from their shoulders, I have done my job,” Pennington says. “I believe everyone deserves to feel confident and happy in their skin. 

“Sometimes that means treating a problematic issue like acne or hyperpigmentation, and other times it means shaping the brows and enhancing the lashes. I love locking arms with people and helping them find their confidence.

“My clients mean the world to me. Their trust is a currency that I can’t place a monetary value upon. Human touch is not always welcomed by all people, and yet my services all involve touching the client. I know they are lending me a level of trust that isn’t extended to most people.”

Pennington became an Owasso resident in 2014 and looks forward to many years of providing skin care services to the community she loves.

“I love that Owasso is a community that values character, hometown pride, quality schools and supporting our students and teachers,” she says. “I love that we will rally around our neighbors, our churches and surrounding areas to show love and support because Owasso is a city that cares. Most of all, I love that Owasso supports Owasso.”

For the month of July, Pennington is offering a vegan-friendly pineapple lychee facial for $50.

“This facial will give your skin moisture and nutrients it’s been robbed of while basking in the sun along with a hefty dose of vitamin C. I suggest adding a hydro jelly mask for $15 to kick up the hydration and healing another level,” Pennington adds.

Vibe Esthetics is located at 8361 N. Owasso Expy., Suite B. For more information, call (918) 409-0547, email [email protected] or visit vibeesthetics.com.