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March 10, 2022 – Wheels and Thrills in Owasso and The Roller Skating Foundation are pleased to are to announce that Herald Elementary School in Collinsville has been awarded a grant for $1,950.00 from The Roller Skating Foundation.

The Roller Skating Foundation grant program was created to assist educators and physical fitness programs throughout the country accomplish their goals while developing working relationships with roller skating centers in their area. This program awards dozens of grants every year. This year, the Foundation has already received nearly $20,000 in grant requests, making it a wonderful opportunity for growth – one in which Herald Elementary School is now a recipient. Wheels and Thrills is located in Owasso, Oklahoma, and offers a variety of sessions, programs, lessons, and entertaining and educational opportunities for children and adults alike.

The Roller Skating Foundation began in 1996 as a 501(c)3 designed to exclusively raise money for educational programs, self-esteem and safety programs, and generally promote fitness through roller skating.

The Foundation operates for the following charitable and educational purposes:

• To promote physical fitness and to help build self-esteem among school-age children and discourage unsafe and undesirable activities by providing them with a constructive alternative to becoming involved in drugs and crime

 To establish and provide scholarships and grants to deserving high school and undergraduate students in furtherance of their undergraduate educations To promote family values by providing families with opportunities to participate together in the sport of roller skating.

• To promote safety and risk management programs.

To receive, administer, distribute, and expend funds, gifts, donations, bequests, contributions, and
other receipts of money or property of every kind or nature in furtherance of the Roller Skating Foundation’s charitable and educational objectives and purposes

We congratulate Herald Elementary School on their receipt of this important and popular grant and encourage other educational and physical fitness-related programs for children around the country to submit their grant requests by visiting www.rollerskating.com/grants.

Wheels and Thrills is located at 10637 North Garnett Road, Owasso, Oklahoma.  Visit them at www.wheelsandthrills.com .