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06/20/2021 – The 10th Annual Owasso FFA Car Show hosted on August 14th, 2021 pays tribute to local first responders, police officers, and fire personnel.

FFA members are honoring the fire service and law enforcement personnel who are first on the scene of stressful, critical, or life-threatening situations. Their service is more vital than ever.

The special guests of the car show will be Beat the Heat: a national non-profit organization of police officers and firefighters who conduct educational programs using emergency vehicle drag cars to gain the interest of the public.

Help honor our first responders, police officers, and fire personnel and support the Owasso FFA chapter by entering your custom/classic car, donating to the event, or joining us at the end of the summer at the Owasso High School campus to take in unique cars and amazing food.

Register for the car show at owassoffa.org/alumni/