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by Cyndi Knoten, Owassoisms

01/30/2019 – My New Years resolution of sorts, was to quit collecting so many “to-go” cups for the trash can.

My family and I are  frequent Quiktrip visitors, (at least every morning for a large cup of water that will last all day at work) and the cups pile up fast. 

We have plenty of the Yeti style cups around the house, and I am determined to use them more. I have found convenience stores such as QT seem to be happy to let you use your own cups to get your drinks.  I spoke with Misty Brewer at the Misty Brew Coffee Co this morning, who said a lot of her customers bring their own cups, so it looks like I will dedicate one for my coffee as well.

I  have decided to go one step further and add a stainless steel straw to the mix, and ordered a set from Amazon.  The thought of a steel straw was a big no at first, but the rubber trips at the end makes it a “no issue.”

How many throw away cups will I not use this year? I am not sure, but with an average two trips a day to Quiktrip, I am sure the numbers will add up quickly.


Here are the stainless steel straws we purchased.