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 IMG_8542The Good Neighbor Good Grounds recycling program is designed to divert used coffee grounds from the waste stream by promoting the reuse of coffee grounds. Owasso McDonald’s Restaurants are partnering with the community to utilize the grounds in local gardens and composts.

Coffee ground collection procedures have been developed to turn the McCafe waste stream into a valuable resource and allow the grounds to be recycled back into community gardens. Shifting Coffee Grounds from waste to a resource, the restaurants promoting sustainable solutions that will help the community and the environment.

Owasso McDonald’s Restaurants owner Tim Rich has taken this a step further, recycling the plastic wrappers their breakfast tortillas come in, filling each with one pound of used coffee grounds. The bagged grounds are then given away to any customers who can use them, saving the grounds and plastic bags from from reaching the landfill.

Rich expects his restaurant to save 10,000 pounds of waste per year going into the waste stream. 

The recycled bagged grounds can be picked up anytime from the Owasso McDonald’s Restaurant lobby.