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by Anna Holton Dean

06/28/2022 – Increased circulation, decreased inflammation, reduced pain, faster recovery from injuries, improved skin, better sleep and detoxification—these are just some of the benefits of Photobiomodulation.

Recently, FreedomLight Therapy Center opened in Owasso to provide the benefits of Photobiomodulation via self-administered access to full body Photobiomodulation pods. “These pods capture the power of LED technology to deliver light in four different wavelengths. This is proven to be the most effective way to deliver the light to the entire body …” explains FreedomLight’s website.

While some people may have apprehension over the idea of entering an unfamiliar “pod,” the device simply looks like a tanning bed, and clients can relax during the 12- to 20-minute session. Clients typically see improvements in three to five sessions. Members have 24/7 access, seven days a week, and can conveniently enter the facility with a key fob at any time.

There is also a Licensed Massage Therapist available by appointment to provide individual hands-on light therapy for those wanting targeted treatments on sore muscles or digestive issues.

Facility Manager Logan Stokes further explains how FreedomLight Therapy was founded: “In 2013, a friend in Ashland, Oregon, called to tell us about a new area of science called Photobiomodulation that had helped him find wonderful pain relief. We began to study this breakthrough technology and learned that it was extremely effective for many health conditions.

“After several appointments and personally trying the technology, we learned that it is powerful and really works well to relax muscles and help promote a great night’s sleep. We then started to read everything we could get our hands on that delved into the science of cold laser, or Photobiomodulation as it is currently called.

“We traveled to various places in Colorado, Utah, Florida and Oklahoma City to try different Photobiomodulation machines. We selected the best devices available for our self-service 24-hour Photobiomodulation therapy center and opened FreedomLight Therapy Center here in Owasso on March 1, 2022.”

Stokes says he is excited to provide the benefits of Photobiomodulation to the town he loves. “Our families have lived in Owasso since 1984 and enjoy the small town feel and big city conveniences,” he says.  “We love watching Owasso grow each year!”

FreedomLight Therapy is currently offering three free sessions for each individual client to try out this innovative technology. Reserve your appointment by calling (918) 892-9952 or emailing [email protected].

Military and first responders receive discounted memberships. For full pricing, visit freedomlighttherapy.com. FreedomLight Therapy is located at 435 E. 2nd Ave. in Owasso.





What is red light therapy?

            Specific wavelengths of light are absorbed by living cells.  The red wavelength is especially effective at relieving pain.

What diseases do you heal?

            This technology does not heal any disease.  It helps each cell become healthier and makes the body stronger through improved circulation, detoxification, and reduced inflammation.  Improving the health of cells changes the health of the entire body.

How long does a session last?

            Sessions typically take 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the health of the individual.  If you have serious health problems you will want to start slowly.  Some folks start with just a 2 minute session. 

What results will I notice?

            Healing is a very gradual process.  Within a few weeks you will have less stiffness and pain.  We recommend you make a list of all of your symptoms so you can notice as each one disappears.

How often should I use red light therapy?

It can be safely used every day, but the optimum regularity is every other day.  This allows the body to fully benefit from each session without building resistance to the therapy.